Frequently Asked Questions about becoming a Style Consultant

How Do I Generate Income?

Northern Clover Style Consultants grow their businesses by selling Northern Clover’s line of fashion jewelry at in-home Style Boutiques, events, through their personalized e-commerce website, as well as by mentoring others on how to share Northern Clover’s jewelry experience. We offer the opportunity to earn money in a flexible and fun career.

How Much Money Can I Expect to Earn as a Northern Clover Style Consultant?

The amount of money you may make as a Northern Clover Style Consultant will depend upon many factors, including your personal goals, the amount of time you dedicate, and the effort you choose to invest. As a Northern Clover Style Consultant, you determine how many hours you want to work. Many Style Consultants operate their businesses part-time, while others choose to build their business to the extent that they are able to leave their current job and focus full-time on their Northern Clover career. Our Career Plan is designed to provide the correct path for success and incentives that will compensate you. Request a copy of our Compensation Plan here.

How Much Inventory Do I Need to Purchase as a Northern Clover Consultant?

Purchasing inventory is an individual decision and it’s certainly not a requirement for you to begin your Northern Clover business. There are NO minimums to earn 30-40% retail commission. The qualifying personal sales volume (PSV) requirement for 1st level downline commission is only $99/mth!

We always recommend that you determine what activity level you intend to pursue in your new venture and then invest in a level of inventory that supports that activity. Remember, you can hold an amazing Style Boutique with just your starter kit!

Northern Clover provides a whole range of material designed to help you succeed. You also have the opportunity to ask other successful Northern Clover Style Consultants, such as your personal Mentor, for tips and advice on selling Northern Clover jewelry.

How Do I get Started?

  1. Complete a Northern Clover Style Consultant Agreement online. If a Mentor shared this opportunity with you then you will need the last name and Style Consultant ID # of the Mentor.
  2. Anticipate the arrival of your starter kit.
  3. Add on inventory as an option with purchase of the Gold or Platinum Success Packages.
  4. Kick off your new profession as a Northern Clover Style Consultant by holding your first Northern Clover Style Boutique!

How will I get paid?

Style Consultants have the opportunity to sell products and instantly keep the profits. For commission payments and orders from the Style Consultant’s e-commerce website, the Style Consultant’s commission payments will be paid directly to a PayQuicker account, which the Style Consultant sets up when she enrolls. Commissions are paid weekly and monthly (depending on the type of payment).