Phenomenal Rewards Await You As a Northern Clover Style Consultant

Northern Clover offers one of the most rewarding career plans in the industry with exceptional bonuses and perks. Our Style Consultants are our business partners and compensated for their efforts in six different ways:

  1. Retail commissions from 30%: Nearly unheard of among jewelry companies.
  2. Mentor Bonuses: Earn up to $50 each time you help a Style Consultant successfully launch her business.
  3. Personal sales bonuses: The more you share, the more you profit! Earn up to 40% commission on your retail sales.
  4. Earn generous bonuses on the productivity of your team! Many other companies in this industry stop at four, but Northern Clover pays up to SIX levels deep!
  5. Infinity Bonus: Once you reach the coveted level of Diamond Director, you will be paid on all the Style Consultants in your personal organization!
  6. Generation Bonuses: The more you help others grow, the greater the rewards. You will earn a lucrative generation bonus for each Director on your team.

There truly is no limit to your success (or your paycheck) with Northern Clover. With this ground floor opportunity, there is also no time like the present to get started!  Request our detailed Compensation Plan information here. Contact us today to determine what Northern Clover can do for you.