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At Northern Clover, our mission is YOU!long-jacket-580x800

Your road to success begins right here. Northern Clover offers even more than the opportunity to run an exciting business in the fashion industry – we offer you the opportunity to power your dreams and the dreams of others. Whether that dream is to spend more time with family… make a difference in your community… mentor others to success… pay for college… afford the extras… or even achieve financial independence, becoming part of the Northern Clover family means turning a dream into reality.

The inspiration behind Northern Clover’s creation came from co-founder Jane Kwa herself and her passion to build a business that is manageable, enjoyable, and more importantly, sustainable. A business that works with the individual’s schedule so that it is more joyful and fulfilling as opposed to being one of life’s distractions.

Northern Clover’s mission:

At Northern Clover, our mission is YOU!

Your success is our #1 priority. You bring the tenacity and we provide the know-how.

Have fun helping women enjoy everyday elegance through meaningful jewelry. And let’s create SUCCESS together!

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