Dress Your Pet in Northern Clover Contest

  1. This contest runs until 9pm Mountain Time, Wednesday February 18, 2015.
  2. To enter from our Facebook Post, read our rules and then within the Comments of that post, share a picture of your pet wearing a Northern Clover jewelry item.
  3. You may enter more than one time, provided that you use a different picture featuring a different piece of Northern Clover jewelry in each entry.
  4. Prize winner will receive any ONE FREE piece of jewelry of their choice from our collection.
  5. One prize winner will be selected randomly from qualified entries using Agorapulse and announced both as a comment on the contest post, and by private message.
  6. Additionally, entrants may email us after 9pm MST on 2/18/15 for the name of the winner.
  7. Winner will be notified after 9pm MST Wednesday, February 18th, 2015.
  8. For the purposes of this contest, “pet” is defined as any live animal that is generally considered a companion animal. Examples include dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, hamsters, rats, turtles, guinea pigs, snakes, and birds.
  9. Please be respectful of all animals you are featuring in  your photo. Do not harm the animal or otherwise distress your pet for the sake of taking a picture.
  10. Your pet must physically be “wearing” a Northern Clover jewelry piece for the photo to count. For example, you cannot simply lay the jewelry next to the animal and take a picture. It needs to be resting on its body in some way.
  11. Please take photos with sufficient enough lighting for us to be able to clearly see your pet and the jewelry.
  12. Only photos featuring Northern Clover jewelry will count.
  13. By entering this contest you agree to allow Northern Clover to use your image in other promotions or marketing materials, such as in a post announcing the entries or the winner.

General Contest Terms

  1. This contest is open to all Facebook accounts worldwide.
  2. Only entries which follow each rule above will be counted.
  3. This contest does not have a material connection with Facebook and is not sponsored, supported, or organized by Facebook. The recipient of your information or image is Northern Clover, not Facebook.
  4. By participating in this Contest in any way, you acknowledge that you release Facebook from any liability.
  5. This promotion is void where prohibited by law.