Jane Kwa

Northern Clover was created and co-founded by Jane Kwa in Scottsdale, Arizona. She didn’t plan on this business of direct selling jewelry but rather fell upon it in a most unexpected but ultimately wonderful way.

Though she was born in Singapore, she has an international background having worked and lived in many countries. Jane had a successful career in her early years. She loved her job even with the constant traveling and long hours; but when she married and became a mother, this life change brought with it an adjustment with work – more specifically juggling work, relocations for her husband’s job, and being a mother and wife. Somewhere in the midst of this something shifted and she realized that she may have lost a piece of herself and her dreams.

When she and her family moved to the United States in 2012 after constantly moving for 12 years, she discovered direct selling and became inspired by its concept of enabling people to do this type of work within a manageable time frame and not allowing life’s distractions to get in the way of living – and making a living.

Jane finally hit upon what she wanted to do. She wanted to live her American dream, the liberty and the freedom to create her own direct selling company. She set her path on creating Northern Clover, a company focusing on creating value for her style consultants and their customers. Drawing on her procurement experience, she works directly with overseas factories to develop apparel and jewelry.

In her own words:

“What I really hope for is that Northern Clover will lead to many of you having beautiful and inspirational stories of your own, so that you can be distracted from your distractions and reminded of your own dreams and do something for yourself that you can look back on and be proud of.

I know what my dream is…

My dream is to enable yours.”