Northern Clover is Opportunity

Northern Clover is a fashion company and a direct selling business that offers individuals the opportunity to represent the Northern Clover apparel and jewelry catalog and direct-sell it – earn income on your time! For those who desire flexible hours and want to work within the fashion industry, Northern Clover is an ideal way to fit work into your life rather than work distracting your life.

Co-founder Jane Kwa created Northern Clover based on her own experience as an internationally traveling, career-oriented woman who after marrying and starting a family realized that juggling everything at once took away from her life rather than adding to it. By forming Northern Clover and merging both creativity and a smart and manageable business plan, Jane can help others get that balance that many seek – earning money and managing their lives at the same time.

Northern Clover Fashion Collections

There’s a special feeling a woman gets when sliding on a new ring, adorning a necklace, or clasping a bracelet – it completes an outfit, brightens a day, adds elegance to even the most casual of attire. The feeling that a piece of jewelry can evoke is almost indescribable but we know it’s boundless and uplifting. That is just what Northern Clover sets out to achieve. Creating jewelry that appeals to all women – styles that are accessible and elegant at the same time. Our jewelry is designed to complement a woman’s individual look, understanding she possesses the freedom to create her own style.

Northern Clover offers collections or separate items that may be mixed and matched – whatever your heart desires, because Northern Clover is a business designed to enhance a woman’s life.